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100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread
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Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China (Mainland)                  Brand Name: JIADE                Model Number: 40s/2, 40s/3 , 16s/2,  16s/3 ,  20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4, 20s/5,   20s/6 , 30s/2,  30s/3 , 50s/2, 50s/3,   60s/2, 60s/3,   70s/2, 70s/3

Material: 100% Polyester                                             Pattern: Dyed                         Feature: Low Shrinkage


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Flexible Packing

Delivery Detail: when we receive the 30% TT within 25days finish the goods

Feature of the products

This item is made of polyester staple fiber . It is featured by excellent resistance to short term wet exposure,Excellent strength.
Good resistance to most organic solvents,Excellent mildew resistance.

Spun polyester sewing thread is a kind of very commom sewing thread.It is of high-tenacity,low elongation full- colour ,and high color grade.Ordinarily divided into two-for-one twister thread and non-two -for-one twister ,the former has the feature of few knot ,which can be used in industry and ordinary sewing.Industry sewing have high quality requirements in strength ,knot ,and low hairiness. we chose different thickness of sewing thread according to the thickness of the garments and textile goods.

29.5t X 2(20s/2)
3000Y 5000M
Jeans,shoes,caps,leather products.etc
29.5t X 3(20s/3) 2000Y 3000M
Jeans,shoes,handbags,leather products.etc
19.7t x 2(30s/2)
3000Y 5000Y
Art crafts,handbags,sewing of keyhole and fastener,etc.
19.7t x 3(30s/3)
3000Y 5000Y
Tents,jeans, leather products,shoes ect
14.8t x 2(40s/2)
3000M 5000Y 10000Y
Suits,trousers,coats, Sewing of bottom hole and fastener,etc.

11.8t x 2(50s/2)

5000Y 10000Y
Knitted garments,fashionable dress,suit-dress,etc

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